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(Top 10) Best Backpack for Travel (For Men, School, and Work)

Looking to buy the best backpacks?

best backpacks

I know how confusing it is for you to select the best backpack from a large variety of backpacks.

You should buy the good one which fits and satisfies your requirement. The Quality and Brand also matters a lot while buying the best backpacks on online.

If you buy a backpack without any research, You will end up in getting the low-quality product or the one which does not meet your requirement.

To solve your confusion in choosing the perfect backpacks, I have chosen the best list of backpacks that you can buy immediately without a second thought.

Here is the table of best backpacks.

Here is the complete list of Best Backpacks For you to Buy in 2017

 Best backpacks for workbest backpacks collegebest backpacks for menbest college backpacks for guysbest urban backpackbest college backpackbest laptop backpacks
Name of the ProductAmerican Tourister 27 Lts Comet Black Laptop BackpackAmerican Tourister 26 Lts Encarta Black Laptop BackpackGear 37 Ltrs Lime Green and Grey Casual BackpackSkybags Brat 21 Ltrs Blue Casual BackpackF Gear Luxur Brown 25 liter Laptop BackpackGear Polyester 24 Ltrs Jet Black Casual BackpackSkybags Strider 26 Ltrs Red Laptop BackpackSafari 30 ltrs Laptop BackpackSafari Zinger Polyester 27 liters Red Laptop BagSuntop Dexter 3 Way Laptop Should er | Hand | Backpack Bag
Check PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price
Size33 x 48 x 17 cm41 x 31 x 12 cm31 x 22 x 47 cm32 x 12 x 48 cm45 x 32 x 18 Cm46 x 33 x 11.6 cm32 x 20 x 48 cm47 x 33.5 x 20 cm31 x 18 x 48 cm43.2 x 33 x 11.4 cm
Water ResistantNoNoYesNoYesYesYesYes(Rain Cover)Yes(Rain Cover)Yes
Laptop compatibilityYes(15.6 inches)Yes(15.6 inches)Yes(15.6 inches)NoYes(16 inches)Yes(15.6 inches)Yes(15.6 inches)Yes(15.6 inches)Yes(15.6 inches)Yes(15.6 inches)
Weight of the Bag1.5 Kg1.5 Kg576 g408 g720 g585 g640 g500 g700 g800 g
Capacity27 Ltrs26 Ltrs37 Ltrs19 Ltrs25 Ltrs39 Ltrs26 Ltrs30 Ltrs27 Ltrs16 Ltrs

1) American Tourister 27 Lts Comet Black Laptop Backpack (Best College Backpack for Guys)

American Tourister is an 83-year-old brand which has the high reputation among the people for its quality travel luggage bags. This brand is rocking and make everyone to buy its products for its name and quality.

Here, Let us look at one of the best backpack for student, American Tourister 27 Lts Comet Black Laptop Backpack from American Tourister.

Best backpacks for work


The Backpack looks good and fits for all.  No matter How big you are,  the backpack fits you well.

The material of the Backpack is made up of fabric. It makes the backpack stronger and let you carry some heavy items.

The bag has the dimension of  33 cms x 48 cms x 17 cms. The Dimension makes the bag spacious.

The American Tourister 27 Lts Comet Black Laptop Backpack weighs 1500 Grams. It is a little high for this size. 


You don’t need to consider the weight of the bag. The bag weighs high due to the materials used to manufacture the bag.

Number of Compartments: 

stylish backpacks for college

The Bag is very spacious and has three compartments. The main compartment lets you place 15.6 laptops in the laptop holder.

Nowadays most of the laptop has the size of 15+ inches. So, buying this bag will be a perfect choice for you. 

This bag perfectly suits for people who are going to the office.

This bag has the capacity of 27 Liters which is pretty enough for anyone to carry things for a one day trip.

If you want to go for a small night trip, this bag is good enough.

You can place your laptop, accessories and clothes for one day trip.

This is one of the best college backpacks for guys. This also the best backpack for work.

Bottle Holder:

When we talk about bags, we cannot avoid the bottle holder.

No matter what purpose you are using the bag, you should always need the bottle holder to carry your water bottle.

This bag has one water bottle holder at the right side of the bag. It is pretty enough to carry a one-liter water bottle.

Padding for the Laptop:

When you buy a bag, you also need to consider the Padding.

It should not be thin. No one wants to feel the compressibility while carrying any items inside the bag.

The best brand backpack manufacturer knows this well.

The result is:

The bag has good Padding which makes you feel more comfortable when you carry your laptop and other items. You will not feel any pressure on your back. 

The Padding acts like a sponge and prevents the items from popping you


The bag is not water resistant. Here, Preventing the backpack from being exposed to rain is your task.

However, This is always not the case and it does not stop you from buying this awesome backpack.


This Backpack comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty.  


  The bag can be used for travel and you can carry things required for one day trip
  The Look of the Bag is good and attractive
¬† GREAT comfort when carrying weight. You won’t feel any pressure on the back.


   Not waterproof, so you have to be careful in rainy seasons.

2) American Tourister 26 Lts Encarta Black Laptop Backpack (Best Backpack for Work)

We have already seen a bag from American Tourister. This is yet another awesome backpack from the American Tourister best backpacks for laptop.

The company is leading in the manufacturing of quality backpacks. So there is no wonder that they have their second bag on this best backpack list.

best backpacks college


 The color combination of this bag is making it look awesome. The front side top of the bag has black color, and the bottom has the gray color.

The backside is full of black color. The bag is entirely manufactured using the Fabric

The backpack comes with the dimension of 41 cms x 31 cms x 12 cms. This bag weight 1.5Kg like the previous one. This bag is awesome and fits for office and college students.

Number of Compartments:

stylish backpacks for college

The bag has three compartments. The main compartment has laptop padding and you can place your 15.6CM laptop.

The remaining two compartments are small and you can place your peripheral devices for the laptop. The front compartment can be used to place headphones, mobile phones, pouches.

The second compartments can be used to place your documents or small clothes( If you are traveling). The third and large compartments can be used to keep some more clothes or you can keep one more laptop.

This backpack is pretty enough to carry your things required for mini travel. If you are going to the office, you can place the laptop in the main compartment and place the documents in the third compartment(If any).

If you are the college students, you can use the bag to carry your textbooks.

The bag is very stronger and placing the heavy textbooks won’t hurt your shoulder due to the good shoulder strap.

This is backpack suits for all and it is best backpacks for school students also. This is also one among the best backpacks for work. 

Bottle Holder:

The office guys, College students, and the travelers, All of you need to carry a water bottle( If you are hygienic, you should). 

The bottle holder is available at the right side of the bag to place your bottles.

Padding for the Laptop:

Padding for the laptop is thick and strong. So, you can place your laptop inside the padding. It prevents your laptop edges from getting damaged. It is very comfortable to carry the bag.

You can place laptop, textbooks and clothes in this bag which is sufficient for two days travel.


This bag is not water resistant. You should care only if you are traveling by bike in rainy season with this bag.

Since you wear the raincoat, you can cover the bag also. So, this cannot be a reason for you not to buy this quality bag.  


The bag has one-year manufacturer warranty.


  Rough Handling РYou can carry your college books( I know they weigh more than dumbbells) and laptops without worrying about the capability.

  Comforts РThis bag provides great comfortability.

  The bag looks cool and stylish( Perfect fit for college students).

  Enough compartments make you pack things for two-day travel.


   It is Not water resistant.


best backpackRoy has purchased this bag from Amazon and shared his experience with this bag after 3 months of usage. Here is what Roy shared with us.

Roy is a college student who is studying engineering and also going to a company for his internship.

At the time, he simply took a single note in his hands to the college and later when he joined in a company for his internship program, he realized that he need a good backpack to carry things to the office.

His requirement is somewhat high. Because he is the guy, who needs to go to the office as well as college and sometimes he takes a two-day trip at the weekend.

Before that, he had bought many bags in his high school, but all of them are temporary bags which were torn away very easily due to his rough usage.

So, this time he was in a search for a bag which has the longevity also suitable for both office and college usages.

It should be neither too classy nor over stylish. The bag should be balanced one. He got confused too much, and he kept passing more time on looking better and better backpack matches his budget.

He has Ordered the bag in Amazon 3 months ago and got it on his hands after one day. He started using that bag for both college and office as well.

He stated that the look is very cool and the bag is more comfortable for him. He always takes the laptop with him. He said that the laptop pad is thick and he could keep his 15.6-inch laptop easily.

When he goes to the college, he also takes the books with him. This is where he realized the strength of the bag.

The college textbooks are heavy and even single book weighs more than 700 g. When you carry 3 or more books, you will feel like carrying a stone in your bag.

He could easily carry 4 books along with the laptop. There are two main compartments in the bag and he usually places the laptop and one book at one compartment and remaining books at another compartment.

As the bag has separate padding for the laptop, the book or any items placed in the book won’t give any pressure to the laptop.

Also, the backside padding is thick. (This is very important to keep safe of your laptop).

Due to this, he did not feel any pressure on his back while carrying the books and laptop.

And also the laptop is not pressurized by both items inside the back and the pressure from his back when the bag lays on his back while carrying.

He did not feel any pressure on his shoulders since the strap is wider enough spread the weight over his shoulder.

Also, the strap is very sturdy and the stitch did not come away even when he overloaded the bag with books from the library.

When he goes to the office, he only carries the laptop with few other items.

Initially, he did not much care about the water resistance feature of the bag. When he chose the bag, he did not look whether the bag is waterproof or not.

He said that he got stuck in the drizzling for 20 minutes and worried about the inside item.


Even though the bag is not waterproof, it was still resisted the water inside the bag and somehow saved his laptop and documents.

He suggested buying a rain cover with the bag as the bag don’t come with the rain cover. It works as an extra protection from heavy rain.

He also went for two day trip at the weekend. He packed his laptop, clothes and books in the bag.

The bag easily held those items. He packed his other accessories such as charger, headphone, key, wallet, etc in the front compartment.

The bag did not seem to be overloaded even after he packed items for two-day travel.

The zip and stitches are strong enough and won’t break.

He is expecting the bag to last for at least one year. He is very much satisfied with the bag quality and suggests this bag for everyone.

3) Gear 37 Ltrs Lime Green and Grey Casual Backpack (Best backpack for travel)

Gear bags have been famous for its quality and low price. The company has been manufacturing a large variety of bags.

Here we will look at one of their awesome backpacks.

The specialty is you can use this bag for both traveling and day to day usage.

Best backpack for laptop


The Bag comes with an attractive green color which gives an excellent look for this bag.

The size of the bag is high and its dimension is 31 cms x 22 cms x 47 cms. The bag is made up of polyester.


The bag only weighs 575 grams. You can carry a 15.6inch laptop in this bag along with heavy luggage.

Number of Compartments:

college backpack

The bag has 4 compartments. Two of the compartments are large and let you pack luggage required for a long travel.

The bag is very spacious also very strong enough to handle the heavy weights. The strap is adjustable. So No matter how tall you are, this bag always fits for you. This is the best backpacking backpacks for travel.

The capacity of the bag is 37 Liters. It makes it big but, it is still compact for regular usage.

Also, this bag is large when compared to the American Tourister 27 Lts Comet Black Laptop Backpack and 26 Lts Encarta Black Laptop Backpack.

This is also one among the best backpacks for travel. Also, it weighs 1kg lesser than both of the American Tourister bags.

This is the reason why I added this bag here.

Bottle Holder:

The one more added advantage is:

The bag has two bottle holders. One is sufficient if you are using this bag for office purpose. But for travelers who travels the long distance, it is important to carry more water.

And this is where the second bottle holder helps you. You will realize the usage of the holder while traveling and you can thank me later in the comment for suggesting this awesome Backpack for you.

This is one of the best backpacks for high school students who carry more books as the size is big enough.

Padding for the Laptop:

This bag has sufficient padding for holding laptops.

You don’t need to struggle to place your laptop inside the holder as the padding is bigger enough to hold 15+ inch laptops. Also, the outside padding is good enough and it won’t press your back when you carry much weight.¬†

Water Proof:

The important feature of this bag is water resistant.

Since the bag is waterproof, you don’t need to worry when you are traveling in a drizzling area.

All your luggage will be safe from the rain until you reach the destination. 


This is not the case with American Tourister bags which are not water resistant. ¬†You will mostly use both American Tourister bags for short time travel(Going to office and colleges), so you don’t need to worry about their water resistance capability.

The manufacturer provides you with one year warranty for this bag.



  The bag has a long life.

  Very large and spacious( Comfort and enough to carry luggage for two days travel).

  Used for both travel and office purpose( College guys who carry big books can use the bag).

  High Quality and good look.


   The body is thin

I have not added gorilla 40 ultralight backpack and arcteryx altra 65 here.

It is because they are large bags which can’t be used for college and office purpose.

They can be only used for long travel purposes like trekking and hiking.

4) Skybags Brat 21 Ltrs Blue Casual Backpack (Stylish backpacks for college)

Before talking about the bag, Let us take a look at the company behind this bag. Skybags is a very big company and it is the part of the VIP Industries.

VIP Industries is the world’s second largest luggage manufacturer. They have been serving for more than 4 decades.

The company has gained the good reputation due to their quality products.

best backpacks for school


Let us get into the design and look of the bag. The bag is made up of polyester same as the Gear 37Ltr Lime Green and Grey casual backpack.


The color and size of the bag differ a lot. The color of the bag is blue and it has the dimension of 32 cm x 12 cm x 48 cm.

The bag is compact and perfectly fits for school and college students.

This bag is not for higher secondary students as they need to carry more books, this backpack won’t fit for them.

Also, you can’t place laptop inside.

Number of Compartments:

best backpack brands for college

Since the bag is small, It has two compartments. This will be enough for you if you carry less stuff.

Bottle Holder:

The bag has one bottle holder which is good enough for the students. The strap of the bag is reinforced to last for a long time.

Since the backpack has less space for carrying things, you can’t carry heavy items. So, the strap will last for very long time than expected.

Water Proof:

Unfortunately, this bag is not waterproof. For students, this is not a bother. So, you can definitely purchase it for its quality and style.

There is one more Zip available at the front side of the bag. You can place any of your quickly accessible items here.

The bag weighs only 410 grams. The capacity of the bag is 19 Liters which is lower than all of the Backpacks we have seen.

This is the best Backpacks for work and gym. If you are looking for a best backpacks brands, choose the Skybags. They have quality and style.


The bag comes with an 1 year of manufacture warranty.  Since the quality is good, you will not face any situation where you need to use the warranty given by the company.


  Good fabric Quality.

  Strong stitches and reinforced straps

  It is light weight.


   Not water Resistant.
   No Laptop Pad.

5) F Gear Luxur Brown 25 liter Laptop Backpack (Best Office Backpack)

F Gear is a famous travel luggage manufacturing company. They have the excellent reputation for their brand.

They are famous for implementing new styles in their luggage bags. The color variance and classic looks of their bags are impressive.

And one more thing I want to clarify here.

Gear and F Gear are not the same companies. So don’t confuse yourself with the brand name.

Let us look at one of the magnificent classical Backpack F Gear Luxur Brown 25 liter Laptop Backpack from F-Gear.

best backpacks for men


Needless to say, the bag design is very attractive. It is the combination of Latest and Classic style.

The brown color suits very well for this bag. If you are the person who looks for style and classic look in everything, then this bag is the suitable one for you.

Number of Compartments:

stylish backpacks for men

The bag has two main compartments. This is bigger enough to carry the laptop with some other things.

This bag suits very well for office guys and college students. The Capacity of the bag is 25 Liters and it is enough to handle 10 KG weight. 

Bottle Holder:

This bag has two bottle holders. You can use one for placing your water bottle. If you travel for long distance, you can use another bottle holder too. 

Padding for the Laptop:

This bag has separate padding for the laptop. It resists the vibration and shocks being passed to the laptop. 

The Padding is thick in both at the inner and outer side. It will let you easily carry weights without feeling much pressure on the back.

A 15.6 Inch laptop fits in the padding.

Water Proof:  

This bag is water resistant and you can use this bag even in the rainy season. You might be getting an umbrella with you to protect yourself from the rain. But if they rain is heavy you cannot escape from becoming wet. 

Your bag and the important items in it also will not be the exemption for the rain.

This backpack can save itself from the rain and protect your things inside the bag.

If you carry books, clothes and electronic devices with you, the water resistance capability of the backpack let you travel without the worry in the rainy season.


The Manufacturer provides the warranty up to six months for the Manufacturing defect.


  The Bag Looks very professional.

  It is enough to carry bulky items.

  Strong and Comfortable Back Straps.


  It has less life for the rough use.

6) Gear Polyester 24 Ltrs Jet Black Casual Backpack (Best laptop backpacks)

We have already seen a bag from Gear Brand. This is one another Quality Backpack from Gear.

When compared to Gear 37 Ltrs Lime Green and Grey Casual Backpack the Gear Polyester 24 Ltrs Jet Black Casual Backpack is small.

The Backpack size doesn’t have anything to do with the Size mentioned in the name. The Backpack is compact one like American Tourister Backpacks we have seen above.

best backpacks brands


The size of the BackPack is big and it comes with Jet Black color. It almost looks like a travel bag due to the size.

The bag suits for all. The design is good and neat.

The Dimension of the Bag is 46 cms x 33 cms x 16 cms. 

Number of Compartments:

best backpack for kids

The bag has three big compartments which you use to load your items. It also has a mini compartment on the front side.

You can place Laptops inside the compartment( even 15+ inch laptop fits inside the Laptop Pad).   

You can pack luggage including Books, Clothes, and Laptop for 1 days travel.  The Strap of the bag is strong enough to carry the heavy weights.

Bottle Holder:

As same as previous Gear backpack this bag also the strong water bottle holder. 

Padding for the Laptop:

The Laptop padding is thick and safeguards your Laptop from being pressurized by both your back( While Carrying) and the other luggage you loaded into the bag.

The Outer Padding is also thick and reduces the pressure on your back. 

Water Proof:

Yes, The Bag is water Proof.

Remember: The previous backpack from Gear is also water resistant.

This will help you to prevent the items suffering from the rain. The Bottom studs help to lengthen the life of your Bag bottom.


The Manufacturer provides 1-year warranty for this product.


  The Quality of the Bag is great.

  The BackPack is spacious.

  It is Water Resistance.


   The compartment is thin.

7) Skybags Strider Red Laptop Backpack (Stylish College Backpack)

The reason why I am listing the second bag from Skybags is their quality and pricing for the product.

Stylish Backpack for travel


The Bag has the color combination of Red and Gray. This makes the bag look cool.

You can note one thing on Sky Bags. Most of the Bags from the SkyBag Brands have the different color combination.

All of them are attractive. The shoulder straps are stylish. The Bag is Made up of Polyester.

This is the stylish backpacks for college students.

The Dimension of the Bag is 32 x 20 x 48 cm. It weighs only 640 g.

Number of Compartments: 

The bag has two main compartments and one small compartment is located in front of the Bag. In One of the Main compartment you can place your laptop and in another compartment, you can place books or clothes.

The small compartment can be used to place your small items such as Access cards, ID cards and Materials. The Bag can hold up to 15 books(Small and Medium).

The Capacity of the bag is 26 Liters and it is good enough to carry the decent amount of weight.

This is the best backpacks for college students with laptops.

Bottle Holder: This bag has two bottle holders. 

This bag has two bottle holders. 

If you are a college student, you will use only one holder to place the bottle and leave the other for free. But instead of that, you can use it for placing your Pens and Pencils.

best laptop backpack for college

You can instantly access them instead of searching them on the entire bag.

The shoulder straps are strong¬†and it won’t tear even if you carry heavy weights. They are adjustable too.

The AIR Mesh technology lets you carry the bag smoothly. This is one among the best backpacks for travel

Padding for the Laptop:

The bag has the separate padding for the laptop. The Padding is also thick enough to protect your Laptop. So, your laptop will be safe. 

Water Proof:

The Bag is Water Proof. It has the Rain cover at the bottom of the bag. So, the rain can’t stop you from traveling. (Unless it become flood).


The bag comes with 1 year of Manufacturer warranty. 


  It has flexible straps so that you can adjust it easily according to your requirement.

  The bag has the rain cover. It will cover the entire bag.

  The Air Mesh technology lets you carry your weight smoothly without pressure on shoulders and back.


¬† ¬†Can’t Carry Much Weight.

This list does not contain the Osprey Ariel backpack, Osprey Atmos 65 ag and Gregory Baltoro. They are quite famous but very costly.

All of them can be used for travel purpose. But, not for day to day usage.

8) Safari 30 ltrs Laptop Backpack (Backpack for college women)

Safari is one of the reputed brands and it provides low-cost, high-quality BackPacks.  The company is based in India and they are Mainly into the Luggage Manufacturing.

best urban backpack


 The Safari 30 liters Laptop Backpack (Guitar-Blue-LB) has a decent look and it is the best backpack for women.

But it can be used by all type of People.

The bag has the dimension of 47 cms x 33.5 cms x 20 cms and comes with the combination of sea blue and black color.

However, the Black covered all the sides of the bag except the front side.

The blue color covers the front side. The bag is manufactured using Polyester. 

This is one of the cute college backpacks.

Number of Compartments:

best urban laptop backpack

The bag has three compartments. Two of them are big and one is small.

The color of the compartment is white. So, be careful while using them. If you keep any dirty items inside the bag, then it will also spread to the compartment.

Since it is white, it will look uncleaned one. 

The bag has 30 Liter Volume capacity and only weighs 500 Grams.

The compartments are spacious enough to keep luggage and books. This is also a best work backpack women’s like the most.

Bottle Holder:

The BackPack has the two mesh bottle holders. They are strong and won’t tear easily.¬†

Padding for the Laptop:

The Compartment has a separate Padding for the Laptop. It is thick and keeps your laptop safe. Also, it does not let the laptop to touch the bottom.

You can keep 15.6 Inch Laptop inside the bag safely. The strong shoulder strap lets you carry the bag very easily.

The Air Mesh padding at the back of the bag lets you carry any weight smoothly. The shoulder straps also have the air mesh. 

The strong Padding at the bottom protects the luggage inside the bag.

Water Proof:

The Bag has the rain cover. You can use it to cover the bag to protect it from rain.

When there is no rain, you can fold the cover and use the bag as usual. All your items will be safe inside the bag. 


This bag comes with 1.5 years manufacturer warranty.


  The bag has the rain cover to protect itself from the rain.

  The bag has the strong straps.

  This bag has Air Mesh technology.


¬† ¬†It can’t hold more weights.

I have not added Herschel Supply Co. Retreat Backpack in the list. This bag is costly and only suits for school students.

I also did not add Nixon Landlock Backpack. They are suitable for traveling and not for day to day usages.

9) Safari Zinger Polyester 27 liters Red Laptop Bag (Best Backpacks for College)

This is yet another best Backpack from safari. When compared to the previous Safari Backup, the Safari Zinger Polyester 27 liters Red Laptop Bag is a little bit small. There is the only 3-liter capacity difference between both of them.

best college backpack for boys


All other bags on this list having color variance.


This Backpack has the design which differs it from other bags. This Black color Safari Bag has the Red color border and design.

The bag has the dimension of 31 cms*18 cms*48 cms. This makes this bag spacious enough to use.

The Bag is manufactured using polyester. The bag capacity is 27 Litters and weighs 700 grams.

Number of Compartments:

stylish college backpack

The bag has three compartments and only one compartment is bigger and remaining compartments are small. You can keep a 15 Inch laptop smoothly in the bag.

You can place your books and documents in another compartment.

Bottle Holder:

This bag has two bottle holders. You can take two water bottles wherever you go.

Padding for the Laptop:

The Padding is thick enough both inside and back side of the Bag. Even if you carry a laptop for a long time, you won’t feel any pain due to the broader strap and padding.

The Padding safeguards the laptop and keeps it safe inside the bag.

If you require a more spacious bag, then this bag is not suitable for you. Instead, you can use the Safari 30 liters Laptop Backpack. 
The Reason to buy this bag is it is strong enough to hold weights and lasts for more than a year.

This bag is sold more than Safari 30 ltrs Laptop Backpack. Their durability is the reason for the sales.

Water Proof:

The sad part is that the bag is not water resistant.But you don’t need to bother about that if you won’t be exposed to the rain much.¬†


  Best Quality Bag.

  The Bag has long life

  The bag has strong Padding.


   It is not water resistant.

I have not listed Everest stylish laptop backpack here.

The reason is, it is costly and has only one main compartment. You can better buy any other laptop backpack listed here.

10) Suntop Dexter 3 Way Laptop Shoulder | Hand | Backpack Bag(One of the Best Backpacks for work)

This bag is entirely different from all other bags we have seen. This bag has the specialty of adoption according to the user requirements.

You can use this bag in three ways such as Backpack, suitcase and shoulder bag. This is the reason why I added this bag to the list.

Suntop is also a good company that has been producing more luggage bags for more than 25 years. This bag is one of the results from their experience in customization for their customer convenience.

best laptop backpack


As I mentioned earlier, the bag has three looks. You can wear it as a shoulder bag, Backpack and if you lift it by its top strap, it will exactly look like a suitcase.

This bag also fits in a trolley. You can place it on the top of the trolly bag and attach it to the trolly handle. The Dimension of the bag is 43.2 x 33 x 11.4 cm.

Even though the bag is compact in size, it weighs more. The Suntop Dexter 3 way laptop bag is made up of Nylon, Fox Leather, and Polyester. 

Number of Compartments:

best laptop backpack for work

The Bags has two main compartments and two small compartments. One of the main compartment has Laptop holder inside where you can place your laptop smoothly.

The compartment is spacious. If you are an office guy, the bag will perfectly suit you.

However, it cannot be used for touring purpose as this bag has the capacity of 16 Liters. If you need a bag that can be used for both travel and daily usage, Go for Gear 37 Ltrs Lime Green and Grey Casual Backpack. 

I have not added the Rawrow laptop backpack 130 here. The reason is they are very costlier than the best backpacks I have listed here.

Bottle Holder:

This bag does not have any water bottle holder. 

Padding for the Laptop:

The first compartment has the padding to hold the laptop safely. As you cannot stuff more items in this bag, you need not worry about the Padding. 

Water Proof:

This bag is waterproof and safeguards your items and laptop from rain. 


  Strong and Best Quality Bag.

  The Bag lasts for a long time even for the rough use

  The bag is water resistant one.


  The bag is small in size.

I have not added the ecocity backpacks in this list because they are high in price but only fit for laptops less than 14-inch size. Even Though they are stylish to use, you have to consider the space for the laptop.


You can’t always buy something for style to use it for the day to day usage. Definitely one size does not fit for all.

So, you have to purchase according to your requirement. If you expect everything in one bag, you will end up in confusion and dissatisfaction.

So, before going to buy, think about how and what purpose you are going to use the bag. After that choose a bag.

A lot of people makes this mistake in purchasing. They will end up in getting two to three bags and it is waste of money.

I have suggested you the best bags from all the category. So, choose the one among the best backpacks from here for your usage.

I hope you will select your bag from the list. If you still, find the difficulty in the search for the best backpacks ask me in the command. I will be happy to assist you.

No.Backpack NameWhere can useCapacitySize (L X W X H)Check Price On Amazon
1American Tourister Comet Black Laptop BackpackCollege Backpack27 Ltrs33 x 48 x 17 cmCheck Price
2American Tourister Encarta Black Laptop BackpackOffice and College Backpack26 Ltrs41 x 31 x 12 cmCheck Price
3Gear Lime Green and Grey Casual Backpack Travel Backpack37 Ltrs31 x 22 x 47 cmCheck Price
4Skybags Brat Blue Casual Backpack College Backpack21 Ltrs32 x 12 x 48 cmCheck Price
5F Gear Luxur Brown Laptop BackpackOffice Backpack25 Ltrs45 x 32 x 18 CmCheck Price
6Gear Polyester Jet Black Casual BackpackOffice and College Backpack24 Ltrs46 x 33 x 11.6 cmCheck Price
7Skybags Strider Red Laptop BackpackCollege and travel backpack26 Ltrs32 x 20 x 48 cmCheck Price
8Safari Laptop Backpack College Backpack for women30 Ltrs47 x 33.5 x 20 cmCheck Price
9Safari Zinger Polyester Red Laptop BagCollege Backpack27 Ltrs31 x 18 x 48 cmCheck Price
10Suntop Dexter 3 Way Laptop Shoulder | Hand | Backpack BagProfessional Office Backpack16 Ltrs43.2 x 33 x 11.4 cmCheck Price