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(Top 10) Best Air Coolers(For Home And Office)

Are you looking for the best air cooler?best air cooler

The hunt for the air cooler is not easy since many companies are competing in quality and price.

So, you will be confused a lot about choosing the one suitable for you.

This is the right place for you to find and choose the best cooler for your home or office.

I know most you are coming to buy the air cooler as it is easily affordable than air conditioners.

You would expect best cooling and coverage area from air coolers.


Most of the time people end up in getting a poor quality air cooler which works like a fan and marketed as the air cooler.

Since you are investing huge money, you should get a quality air cooler which gives you cooling as per your expectation.

In this article, I am going to provide you with the list of best air coolers to make you get rid of poor quality air coolers with the attractive advertisement.

Before looking into air coolers, you should know the type of the air coolers. Then only you can choose the suitable air cooler for your house.

There are two Major types in the air cooler. They are

  1. Desert/Evaporative Air Cooler
  2. Personal Air Cooler

Here, the desert air cooler type is widely used by many people. They have a high capability of cooling large areas.

The personal coolers are used only by few people. They cover less area and most likely works as a fan.

Choose the Best Air Cooler from this List

 bajaj air coolerssymphony air coolersbest air coolers in indian marketsymphony air cooler price listkenstar little cooler dx pricebest air cooler in india 2017usha air cooler pricebajaj air coolerbest air cooler in indiakenstar air cooler review
Name of the ProductBajaj DC 2015 ICON DIGITAL Room Cooler (White)
Symphony Diet 12T 12-Litre Air Cooler (White)-For small roomCello Marvel Plus Air Cooler With Remote White 
Symphony Hicooli Air Cooler with Remote (White)-For Medium room 
Kenstar Double Cool Dx Air Cooler without Trolley (White) Usha Honeywell CL 601PM Air Cooler
Usha Air King RC CD703M Desert Cooler (White/Black)
Bajaj Sleeq DC2014 Room Cooler (White)Crompton Ozone ACGC-DAC751 Dessert CoolerKenstar Cyclone-12 Air Cooler (White)
Check PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price
Check PriceCheck PriceCheck Price
Size (L X W X H)63.5 x 47 x 109.2 cm30 x 33 x 84.5 cm62 x 42.5 x 105 cm50 x 38 x 91.5 cm65 x 53 x 55 cm70 x 46 x 101 cm69.5 x 47.5 x 116.7 cm 63 x 40 x 110 cm61 x 40.5 x 120 cm64.5 x 5.3 x 91.5 cm
Capacity43 Liters12 Liters60 Liters31 Liters50 Liters55 Liters70 Liters54 Liters75 Liters50 Liters
Weight19 KG8 KG13 KG11 KG16.5 KG18 KG17 KG15 kG15 Kg20Kg
Power Consumption200 W170 W185 W185 W200 W200 W190 W120 W190 W190W
Air Throw Distance50 Feet30 Feet54 Feet37 Feet35 Feet50 Feet50 Feet70 Feet52 Feet45 Feet

1) Bajaj DC 2015 ICON DIGITAL 43 Ltrs Room Cooler (White)

bajaj air coolersBajaj Electricals is an another reputed company in India. They are manufacturing the wide variety of coolers.

They are one of the leading vendors in the electronic devices. The Quality and longevity of their product are great.

This also suits well for their Cooler. Here, I am going to talk about one of the best coolers from the Bajaj Electricals.

The Cooler Name is Bajaj DC 2015 ICON DIGITAL 43 Ltrs Room Cooler (White).


The cooler has the dimension of (570x400x1090)mm.

This Air cooler is tall so that you don’t need any stand place this cooler to get the cool air while you are sitting in the chair or sleeping on the bed.

You can even move the Cooler easily across your room as it has little weight. Also holding and lifting is easy for you.


The tank capacity is 43 Ltrs. It will be enough for one-day moderate usages. So you don’t need to change water frequently.

bajaj air cooler price

The water lasts for up to 10-hour usage. The Air cooler also has the Ice Chamber.

If you want more and fast cooling, then you can place the ice cubes in the air cooler. It will give you extra cool in the summer season.

Coverage Area:

The coverage area of the air cooler is 600 Square feet.

This capability makes this air cooler to be easily used in the large area such as office, big halls and restaurants.

The air cooler can emit 3000 to 4000-meter cube cooling air per hour.

Air throw distance:

Air throw distance is the biggest advantage of this cooler. It almost throws the air up to 50 feet. This is high enough to cover a large area.

This is why many people widely use this air cooler. When compared to the Kenstar air coolers, it has high air throw distance.

Air Deflection:

This Bajaj air cooler has 4-way air deflection. So air will not be simply passed straightly. Rather the air will spread all over the room and hall.

Speed Mode:

The speed of this air cooler is same as the previous two air coolers. It has three levels of speed.

But, the speed mode does not make all the coolers similar. The performance varies based on the coolers capacity, cooling pad and fan speed.

Features: The Fan operates on 230 V power. So, it can be used by all. The fan has the blade size of 15 inches; it makes the air cooler throw the air to long distance with speed.


  Good style
  Comes with remote
  High coverage area
  Long air throw distance
  Works on inverter


  Tank capacity is little bit low

2) Symphony Diet 12T 12-Litre Air Cooler (White)-For small room

Symphony has interesting and inspiration story behind it.

The company established more than two decades ago and They have been selling their product in more than 60 countries.

They are the best manufacturer of air coolers.

They are selling industrial as well as in-house air coolers. They once created a Guinness world record by manufacturing a world’s biggest air cooler. 

The best air coolers list is always incomplete if we don’t add Symphony coolers.


Let us see one of the best air cooler Symphony Diet 12T 12-Litre Air Cooler (White)-For small room from Symphony. It weighs only 7.7 kg.

symphony diet 12t


This is very compact air cooler. The product has the dimension of  30cm x 33cm x 84.5cm.

It is usable as a personal air cooler. It looks like a small tower.

The Symphony air cooler itself comes with wheels so that you can move them across anywhere in your house. It makes the portability very easy.


The tank capacity is 12 Liter. It is good enough for a single room.

Once you fill the water, it will last up to 7 hours.

For 12 liter capacity, the 6 to 7-hour time gap to refill the water is long enough.

Coverage Area:

symphony diet 12t review

This cooler can cover a small room and it is not for big rooms. If you enable the swing mode in the fan, it can cover 2 to 3 persons.

But it is ideal for two persons. It will cover 100 square feet area with 38-degree temperature. To get cool air, you have to allow the cross ventilation in the room.

Air throw distance:

The fan has air throw distance of 30 feet. This may seem very less when compared to other air coolers listed here.


It is a compact model for a single room. So, 30 feet air throw capability is enough to cover the entire room.

The cooler produces little noise and it won’t disturbs you in any way.

Symphony cooler motor price is affordable, so even if any repair requires after the warranty period, you can get it for the reasonable price and fix the cooler.

Speed Mode:

It has the three-speed mode. When you use it in a small room, it is recommended to keep the speed in the medium.


The air cooler comes with ice chamber. When you fill the ice in the chamber, it gives more cooling. The honeycomb cooling medium is long last and very easy to clean.


  Compact air cooler
  Easily portable
  Less Noise
  Less power consumption


  Less water capacity

I have added this air cooler instead of Crompton Greaves air cooler Marvel Pac 201. Both of them having the slight difference in configuration.

But Symphony is the best one. If you are looking for a tower cooler without water, then buy this cooler.

If you are looking for the more smaller air cooler, you can go for Crompton Greaves Ginie ACGC-PAC07 7Litre Personal Air Cooler.

But, the performance is not up to the mark, I am not recommending that for you.

3) Cello Marvel 60-Litre Air Cooler White

best air coolers in indian market Cello products are competing with other big brands. Cello is manufacturing quality Air coolers which produce cold air. Let us see one of their best air cooler Cello Marvel Plus 60-Litre Air Cooler With Remote White.


The air cooler is tall and big. The dimension of the air cooler is 62 x 42.5 x 105 cm and weighs 13 KG. So, it is very easy for you to move the air cooler all over the place in your home. The air cooler comes with wheels by default.

The air cooler comes with wheels by default.


The tank capacity of the air cooler is 60 liter which lasts for more than a day.

The tank capacity is almost higher than most of the air cooler we mentioned in the list.

This cooler is designed with the consideration of usage in office, large hall and house.

It suits for all places.

Air throw distance:

The air throw distance for this cooler is high and almost equal to Crompton Ozone desert air cooler. The fan can throw the air up to 54 feet.

So, the air reaches all the end of the room. The air nominal capacity of this cooler is 5000 Meter Cube per Hour.

cello marvel 60-litre air cooler

Air Deflection:

The Air Cooler has 4-way deflection to spread the air all over the area. It makes this air cooler usable at the hall and large areas.

Speed Mode:

The speed mode of this air cooler is similar to all other air coolers in this list. It has the three-speed mode, Low, medium and high. If it is an outdoor area, use High-Speed mode.


This Air Cooler comes with remote and empty tank alarm. This cooler uses honeycomb cooling pad for faster and efficient cooling.


  Higher Capacity
  Comes with Remote
  Empty tank alarm
  High air throw distance
  Easily portable


  Honey Comb cooling pad smells bad at the initial stage of usage

4) Symphony Hi cool 31-Litre Air Cooler with Remote (White)-For Medium room

symphony air cooler

Symphony has yet another best air cooler in this list. The previous symphony air cooler is a small size air cooler. But this one is two times bigger than that air cooler.

Now, let us see the performance and configuration of the air cooler. Symphony cooler price affordable for everyone.


The dimension of the air cooler is 50 x 91.5 x 38cm. It is tall and be able to provide air at the bed height.

The air cooler also comes with wheels. So, moving the air cooler across your room is very easy. This is not so big. It is compact to use.


This is a 31 Liter air cooler. But weighs only 9 KG.

It will be easy for you to lift the air cooler but it is not necessary since the cooler has wheels. Once you fill the water, it will last up to 9 hours.

So, if you fill the water at night time, the water will last up to next day morning. So, you don’t need to wake up and fill at midnight and the continuous sleep is possible for you.

Coverage Area:

This air cooler is sufficient to cool bedroom with space. Also, you can use it in a medium size hall.

You should enable the cross ventilation for this air cooler, then only it will work as expected. The cooler has the coverage area of 1750 ft3.

Air throw distance:

The air throw distance is higher than the previous symphony cooler we listed here. The maximum air flow goes up to 37 feet.

It makes this air cooler to be usable at large indoors. When you use this air cooler in your bedroom, you should keep the speed either medium or low.

symphony air coolers for home

Air Deflection:

This air cooler has 4-way air deflection. So, setting the right direction for the air flow is your choice.

If you are using this in the hall and want to spread the air on both sides, you can enable the auto swing to do the function.

It ensures all the people in the hall gets the cool air.

Speed Mode:

This cooler has the 3-speed mode like other air coolers in this list. When you set the speed to high, it will make a little noise, but it won’t bothers you from sleeping.


The air cooler has honeycomb cooling pad with Dura-pump technology. Honeycomb cooling long lasts and gives better cool.

The air cooler comes with a remote so that you can do all changes in the function from your bed or chair.

It has humidity control and you can use this cooler in a less Humidity area.


  Remote control
  Humidity control
  Compact size
  Consumes less power
  Easily portable


  Ice Chamber is not available

5) Kenstar Double Cool Dx 50-Litre Air Cooler without Trolley (White)

kenstar little cooler dx price

Kenstar is one of the reputed company. They have been serving more than two decades.

I like this company very much. It is because they provide quality products at low cost. I have listed two more air coolers from Kenstar in this article.

First, Let us see Kenstar Double Cool Dx 50-Litre Air Cooler.

Dimension: The Air cooler has the dimension of 0.65 x 0.53 x 0.55(m).

The size of the air cooler may seem large if you are looking to buy the air cooler for the first time.

But you should know one thing:

All the desert air coolers are large because they need to serve large areas.

So, the cooling pad is large and placed at three sides of the air cooler. The tank capacity is also high. The bigger the size, the large the coverage area.

This air cooler weighs more than 16 KG.


You should note the tank capacity while buying the air cooler. If the capacity is high, you need not fill the air cooler again and again.

This air cooler capacity is 50 Liter which is pretty enough to serve a 60+ Meter square room.

Once you fill the tank, it will last for more than a day even if you use it hard.

Air through distance:

 The air through distance is pretty high for this Kenstar air cooler. It blows the air up to 35 Feet and approximately 13.7 meters.

The air flow will be stronger up to 25 feet. This makes the air cooler to be usable at the open area and small room and halls.

Also, the air cooler can cool the large hall in your house.

Air Deflection:

Air deflection is a notable thing. If you are using it in the open area or the house is somewhat wide, the 4-way air deflection is required.

This fan has the 4-way air deflection, so the fan moves all directions. It covers right, left, top and bottom of the area at which the air cooler is placed.

This is enough to blow the air on the people who is sitting in the hall.

Always keep the cooler near window to get the maximum performance.

Speed Mode:

You have to look at the speed of the fan. There will always be three modes in most of the air coolers.

They are Low, Medium and High. Based on the room temperature, you can set any of the modes.

You should always keep the speed level High at the summer time to get your room cooled so faster. Keeping the level low won’t help you.

This Kenstar air cooler does the fantastic job in the summer. Even if the outside temperature is more than 40 degree, you won’t feel any such hot inside your house.

The Air cooler completely provides high cool air and I bet you won’t even think about AC.

It cools the room within 1.5 hours and you will feel like you are in the winter season.


The Air cooler comes with Mosquito net and dust filter. It prevents the dust and mosquito entering into the cooling pads and provides the clean air.

The cooler also has the water level indicator which shows the water level to you. So you don’t need to open the cooler to see the water level.

It has the water inlet at the front side. You can easily pour the water into the tank using the pipe.

Adding the small cubes is also easy. If you add ice cubes in the air cooler, you will get more cooled air.

The Wood wool evaporative pads are easy to clean. The two side panels can be opened easily.

Choosing the best cooler is a tough task. A lot of coolers are advertised as air coolers and most of them are actually works as a fan.

This happened to many people with various brands and various types of coolers. Those who bought the perfect air cooler knows the awesome feeling.

People buy Air cooler when they cannot afford or could not fix the AC in their place.

So, they will at least expect an air cooler to work as a Half AC.

The Kenstar Double cool Dx 50 Litre Air Cooler is such one of the perfect air cooler which fulfills the customer expectation.

Here is an awesome experience of a person who bought one of the air cooler listed here.

Let us see which air cooler is that and the experience of the person with that air cooler.

The Person Name is Parth.

Parth is an MBA graduate who recently got the job in an MNC company. He has been appointed as HR Manager in that company.

The company is located 1000 KM away from his hometown.

He has moved to his job location from his hometown.

His hometown is located in a hill station. He completed all of his studies in his hometown only. Also, He was not much exposed to the temperature of 30 degrees.

The temperature is always moderate in his hometown.


His job location is entirely different, and the climate is completely up down here.

Parth rented an apartment with his friends and stayed there.

The temperature is always above 40 Degree at his new place. He has the AC in his office, but he doesn’t have the AC in his flat.

There was no place or facility to fix the AC. He struggled a lot and he was sleepless for many days.

Parth started to look for a replacement to the AC. This where he has decided to buy Air coolers.

Initially, he doubted that the air cooler could cool or only blows the air.

He had two main requirements. They are

It should cover the medium size hall
Compact in size

After a long research, he decided to buy Kenstar Double Cool Dx 50-Litre Air Cooler without Trolley (White).

He made the purchase through online and got the cooler within few days.

Parth got this air cooler on the hot March and shared his experience after the scorching may.

He stated that he initially planned to buy AC, but there was no facility made in his apartment to fix the AC.

He bought the Kenstar Double Cool Dx 50-Litre Air Cooler without Trolley (White).

Let us see What Parth said to us.

“ I am a hill station guy and not much exposed to high temperature. I have been to all other places down there, but I have not stayed there for a long time.

Also, I have visited outside the hill station only during the monsoon.

When I got the new job, I was in need to relocate to an entirely new location. Migration was tough for me.

I could not think of going to a new hot place and living there for a long time.

Also, It is far away from my hometown. I am home sick guy too, and I don’t like to stay anywhere away from my home.

Most of my holidays were spent in my hometown only.

I felt like I am going for adventures since the thought of new place, entirely different language and temperature all of them frightened me.

Somehow I managed and settled in the new place. Even though I could manage the new location and language, I could not manage only one thing.

The thing is temperature.

I used to travel by bike to the office. It will take me only 15 minutes to reach the office. The Office is full of ACs and I don’t feel anything there.

But, when I get back to the apartment, I will start to sweat immediately. I have not often sweated like that in my hometown.

Here the case is entirely different. My body has worked like a cloud and rained throughout the skin.

I did not like it. I tried to fix the AC. But, I have faced two problems. One is budget (I am not so rich)

The other issue was no facility to fix the AC. This made me drop the plan.

I know my body will start to adapt as per the environment, but it will take a long time for me.

Until that, I can’t be a sleepless guy. The temperature was getting increased every day as the month had been rolling towards May(The hottest month, even in hill station, the temperature would be 30+ degrees)

I was thinking about alternatives for AC. I know AC, but I have not heard about Air coolers in my life till the March.

Suddenly one of the events struck in my mind.

During the college days, I was headed to my friend’s brother marriage which is located in the plain. It was sweltering there

I sweated a lot there also.

I was wondering how the couples were standing and giving photoshoot without sweating. I have seen a machine running behind them.

That was the first time, I saw the air cooler, but I don’t know that was an air cooler. I thought that was the big blower.

I thought why they are using that machine instead of a big fan that also blows the air.

I also went to take photos with couples.

When I reached the stage, I wondered because there was no hot and a blower is giving the cooling air.

I have stood there for a long time and until I became dry and went back to my seat.

When this event struck in my mind, I immediately enquired about this to my friend.

I called my friend at midnight 2 AM.

(At that time, I was sleepless and thinking about the solution to the extreme temperature in my room.)

I got the answer for my question from my friend.

He said, “Idiot, It is called Air Cooler. Don’t you know that? If you have any doubt call me after 6 am”.

I was thinking that he was talking about AC. I thought AC= Air Cooler.
I thought my friend misunderstood my term. But He didn’t. I only got the point wrong.

I searched on the internet and i got to know that AC=Air conditioner.

At last, I came to the conclusion that Air Conditioner is the different product but similar to AC.

Also, I got to know the difference between AC and Air Cooler.

I was not an internet guy before that. I became a very deep Googler to find the best Air cooler.

I have gone through many pages and reviews. After a long research, I decided to buy the Kenstar Double Cool Dx 50-Litre Air Cooler.

I got the cooler delivered to my Apartment after few days from the date of order.

Still, I was in doubt whether it would work as a fan or blows cool air.

I unwrapped the package and setup the air cooler as mentioned in the manual.

I started the air cooler and initially, it just blew the air for few minutes. I was like “ Oh **it, My money is gone, I got a fan”.

I was thinking about to return the product. I was feeling sad.

I was watching the blower running for some time.

After few minutes:

The air cooler has started to do its job.

I was started realizing the reduction in the temperature of my room.

I stopped sweating and I just wanted to see what will happen after an hour.

The wonder was started to happen.

Yes, The temperature is going down and down. I was like” Yes, you got it right”.

After 1 hour, the entire room temperature was cooled and the temperature between the outside and inside of the room was entirely different.

Outside, it was hot summer season and inside, it was like winter season.

On that day night, I slept well. I dropped the plan of returning this great air cooler.

Since then, the air cooler has been running everyday night. There is no big variation in the current bill.

The best part is that the air cooler did not use much power. It consumed low power.

When the air cooler runs for a long time, I need the bedsheet to cover myself to prevent the cold.

The machine is working well in the cross ventilation. So, make sure that your cooler has cross ventilation so that you can get the best cooling ever.

Once I fill the water, it lasts up to the next day.

If the outside temperature is very high, then I will add more ice cubes for the best effect. Sometimes I am facing the power cut problems.

In the month of May, the power cut ratio was very high. Thanks for the inverter.

It saved me from the hot again. The Air cooler perfectly works with the inverter.

Whether the power comes or goes, the inverter and Air cooler combination always kept me away from the extreme temperature.

At Last, there was an end to my sleepless night, and this machine did not let me think that I need an AC.

It almost does what the AC has to do.

Nowadays, I don’t think about going back to the hometown.

I want to say one more thing. Buy a trolley for this cooler to let the air flow at your bed height.


  Cools so faster
  Water level indicator
  Covers large area
  Powerful blower which throws the air up to 35 feet
  Fits in the trolley
  Works on inverter


  This makes noise

6) Usha Honeywell CL 601PM 55-Litre Air Cooler

air cooler for officeDimension:
Usha is one of the familiar brands in the electrical industry for their fan and air coolers. They also manufacture the wide range of products.

Here, we will see one of their best selling Air cooler Usha Honeywell CL 601PM 55-Litre Air Cooler.

This air cooler is larger than all other coolers mentioned in this list. The dimension is 70 x 46 x 101 cm.

However, it is easily movable even when it is entirely filled.


The capacity of the tank is 55 liter. Once you fill the water, it lasts up to 15 hours.

So, here you don’t need to fill the water again and again after 3 to 6 hours. It makes your job easy and does not give you any trouble.

Coverage Area:

The coverage area for this air cooler is 80 square meters. It is pretty enough to cover large halls and rooms.

Air throw distance:

The fan can throw the air up to 50 feet and the air delivery is 2610 M3/Hr. You can use this for large areas and it cools the small areas immediately.

For this Air cooler to work well, you have to keep it near the window or provide cross ventilation.

Air Deflection:

This cooler has the four-way deflection, so the air spreads all over the area. Even when you use this cooler on the large area, it will cover the entire area.

Speed Mode:

This fan has the three-speed mode. Based on your requirement, you can set it to any mode.

If you are using this cooler in a small room, low mode is enough, but at the same time, if it is an open area or large area, you should set the speed level high.

The speed and capacity make this air cooler to be used in both indoor and outdoor.

The air cooler comes with the wheels by default and it makes the portability of the cooler easier. You can move even when the tank is full.


  High Tank capacity
  High fan speed
  Cover large area
  Can be used in open area


  The size is very large

 7) Usha Air King RC CD703M 70-Litre Desert Cooler (White/Black)

usha air cooler for homeThis is the second Usha air cooler in this list. This air cooler is much larger than the previous air cooler.

The capacity of both air coolers differs a lot. Let us see the details about this air cooler.


This air cooler is somewhat large and its dimension is 69.5 x 47.5 x 116.7 cm. Even though the size of the air cooler is high, it only weighs 17 KG.

The cooler air portal looks like a speaker and the design is very impressive.


The tank capacity of the air cooler is 70 liter which makes it larger than many other air cooler listed here.

Once you fill the water, it will last for more than 12 hours.

So, There will be no need for filling water in the air cooler often.

Coverage Area:

This is the dessert air cooler especially made for outdoor usages. So by default, it covers a large area.

You can use this for cooling large halls, offices and home.

The cross ventilation is required To get the best cooling effect. If you fix this cooler in your window and others doors are also closed, you can get the cooling so fast.

Air throw distance:

The air cooler blows the air up to 50 feet. It is good enough to cover large areas. The strong air flow goes up to 40 feet.

Air Deflection:

The air cooler has Four-way air deflection which makes it possible to spread the cool air all over the area.

Since the air cooler blows the air at high speed, the air can reach all the corners of the area.

Speed Mode:

The fan has the three-speed mode. Since the air cooler is mostly used in large areas, it is better to keep it as high.

If you are using this in a small room, you should keep the speed mode to low.


This air cooler has water overflow protection system. But it does not have remote.


  Higher tank capacity
  High air throw distance
  Water overflow protection system


  No remote.

8) Bajaj Sleeq DC2014 54-Litre Room Cooler (White)

best air coolers for home

This is the second air cooler from Bajaj company getting listed here.

Already we have seen some details about Bajaj electric company, now let us see one of their best air cooler Bajaj Sleeq DC2014 54-Litre Room Cooler (White) here.

This cooler is stronger than the other coolers that we have seen previously.


The dimension of the air cooler is 63 x 40 x 110 cm. It almost has 4 feet height and two feet in width. This is similar to most of the air coolers which we have listed here. The weight is 15 Kg. This is somehow low for this size.


The air cooler tank can hold 54 liters. It makes sure that you don’t need to fill the water often to get continuous cooling.  The water in the tank will last for two days.

Coverage Area:

 The air cooler can cover 600 square feet and throws the amount of 4300 cubic meter air per hour.

This is enough to cover large areas. People can also use this cooler at bank, office and party areas.

Air throw distance:

The air throw distance of this air cooler is almost very high. It throws air up to 70 feet. This is why you can use this cooler at large areas.

Air Deflection:

The Four-way air deflection makes sure that the air can be flown to all the direction rather than flowing towards one direction.

Speed Mode:bajaj air cooler for home

This cooler has the three-speed mode for your requirement. Since this type of air coolers are used in the open area, people always used to keep it high-speed mode.


Moving air cooler from one area to another area is very easy as it has the caster wheels to move. The six blade fan throws the air for longer distance.


  High air throw distance
  Large coverage area
  Compact design


  Does not have ice chamber

 9) Crompton Ozone ACGC-DAC751 75-Litre Dessert Cooler (White/Grey)

best air cooler in indiaCrompton Greaves is one of the very big multi-national electrical companies in India. The company was established 100 years ago. They have the best name same as Bajaj Electricals. They both are the competitors in the industry.

Here, Let us see one of the best air cooler from Crompton Greaves, the Crompton Ozone ACGC-DAC751 75-Litre Dessert Cooler.

This is the desert type air cooler so that you can use it for large halls and rooms. It can be used at outdoor also.


This air cooler is a kind of tower air cooler, but it can be used for open door purpose. The size of the air cooler is  61 x 40.5 x 120 cm.


It only weighs 15 Kg and the weight makes the air cooler to be easily portable one. The size of this Crompton air cooler is larger than the previous air coolers we have seen.


The capacity is also the for this cooler. Since it is a desert cooler, it requires more water to cool the air.

The tank capability is 75 Liter. Once you fill the water, it will last for more than 10 hours.

The specification of this cooler is higher than Crompton Greaves Tac341 air cooler specification.

Coverage Area:

This air cooler is powerful enough to cover the large area. I already mentioned that it could be used for the outdoor purpose.

It can cover 5414 cubic feet and it blows 4600 (m3/h) air. It makes the air cooler to be used in the large area.

Air throw distance:

Air throw distance is higher than Both Bajaj and Kenstar air coolers in this list. It throws cool air up to 52 feet.

So, you can cover an entire hall with this best air cooler.

Air Deflection:

This fan has the 4-way deflection. But, you need not worry about the air deflection as the fan is powerful enough to blow wide air. The Crompton Greaves cooler exhaust fans vary in size based on your requirement.

Speed Mode:

This fan has three-speed mode so that you can choose one based on the room size. In the outdoor, you can set it to the maximum, but in the home, you have to keep the level low or medium.


The Cooling Pad is made up of honeycomb cooling pad which lasts more than a normal cooling pad, also gives best cooling effect.

Crompton air cooler motor price is also cheap so that you can fix it at low cost if any problem happens after the warranty period.


  The tank capacity is high
  Air throw distance is high
  Less weight
  Easily Portable
  Outdoor usage


  Does not come with trolley
  Makes noise

I have not added Crompton mystique Dlx cooler in this list because the cooler produces much noise. Also, the cooler has a lot of issues in pumping and fan.

Also, the cooler has a lot of issues in pumping and fan. This list also does not have Crompton Greaves tac201 air cooler.

Since the air cooler makes much noise, I did not add that cooler.

The Crompton cooler price list can be checked at Amazon for the product. The Crompton Greaves air cooler kit is long lasting one.

You can check them at Crompton Greaves air cooler official website here. You can check Crompton Greaves air cooler Amazon price by clicking the above link.

 10) Kenstar Cyclone-12 50-Litre Air Cooler (White)

kenstar air cooler reviewThis is another product from the Kenstar. It also a 50 Liter Model. The Design of the Model differs a lot.

This is the advanced model and it has more air throwing distance when compared to the Double cool DX.

Let us see What Kenstar Cyclone-12 50-Litre Air Cooler has for us to provide.


The Dimension is 645mm x 53mm x 915mm for Kenstar Cyclone. The design is excellent and the body is strong enough to use for more than 3 years.

The size may look like small in the photo, but it is gigantic as it can hold 50 Liter water. The double DX is wide and cyclone model is taller than double DX.

Only the shape differs and capacity remains the same.


This model also has the same capacity as the previous Kenstar model. It can hold 50 Ltrs of water. The one more addition to this air cooler is ICE chamber.

This is an added advantage for you. It will help you to cool the room even faster than normal water coolers.

You can add up to 30 ice cubes. Even when the water is low in the cooler, the air cooler will still provide the cold air using the ICE cubes.

Once you fill the water, it lasts up to 8 to 9 hours. It is lesser than Kenstar Double DX. Kenstar Cyclone cooler works faster than Double DX.

Especially this will help you in getting your room cooled faster when you return to your home from outside in the summer season.

Coverage Area:

The Kenstar cooler serves  (m3/hr): 2550. This is pretty enough to cover the hall in your home.

Air throw distance:

The Kenstar Cyclone 12 has more air throwing distance than Kenstar double cool DX 50.

The Fan in the cooler can throw the air up to 45 Feet. The strong air flow will be up to 30 feet.

Air Deflection: 

The phone has the 4-way deflection to spread the cool air all over the room. So, the air is distributed all over the place equally.

Speed Mode:

The Kenstar air cooler has the 3-speed mode. Based on the room temperature you can set the cooling mode. This fan is very fast and cools the area within an hour.

The cooler uses the Wood Wool cooling pad. It gives you best performance and cools the air so faster. This air cooler comes with an option to add honeycomb cooler pad.

This type of cooler pad is very easy to clean and works for a long time. This reduces your money in buying new cooling pad after some time.


You can have the Kenstar Cyclone air cooler with remote functions. So, you don’t need to move from your place to adjust the settings.

Just a single remote button will do the job for you. Just a single remote button will do the job for you.

Like Kenstar Double DX, The Kenstar Cyclone also has the Dust and Mosquito filter.

This filter prevents the insects from entering to the cooler. The dust filter enlarges the life of the cooling pad.

It has the water level indicator which shows the water level so that you can fill it when the water level become low. You can also check the water level by opening the inlet.

In the summer season, the power cut will occur often. This can’t be avoided.


You don’t need to worry about that. Because the Kenstar Cyclone Air Cooler even runs on the inverter. Even if the power goes off, you can still get the cool air(You should have the inverter)


  The Design is great
  Works on Inverter
  It can have both honeycomb and wood wool cooling pad.
  Cools the room faster
  Serves Large Area
  Consumes less power


  The cooler is the little bit noisy.


Most of you also consider about the support after purchasing the Air cooler. The Crompton cooler customer care is easily available one.

The Crompton Greaves cooler kit price in India is very low so that you can fix the cooler at low cost, after the warranty period.

Those who want to replace their cooler motor after long usage, you can check the cooler motor price online to find the low-cost suitable motor.

No.Air Cooler NameCapacityAir FlowCheck Price On Amazon
1Bajaj DC 2015 ICON DIGITAL 43 Ltrs Room Cooler (White)
43 Liters50 FeetCheck Price
2Symphony Diet 12T 12-Litre Air Cooler (White)-For small room12 liters30 FeetCheck Price
3Cello Marvel Plus 60-Litre Air Cooler With Remote White
60 liters54 FeetCheck Price
4Symphony Hicool i 31-Litre Air Cooler with Remote (White)-For Medium room
31 liters37 FeetCheck Price
5 Kenstar Double Cool Dx 50-Litre Air Cooler without Trolley (White)50 liters35 FeetCheck Price
6 Usha Honeywell CL 601PM 55-Litre Air Cooler
55 liters50 FeetCheck Price
7 Usha Air King RC CD703M 70-Litre Desert Cooler (White/Black)
70 liters50 FeetCheck Price
8Bajaj Sleeq DC2014 54-Litre Room Cooler (White)
70 liters70 FeetCheck Price
9Crompton Ozone ACGC-DAC751 75-Litre Dessert Cooler (White/Grey)
75 liters52 FeetCheck Price
10Kenstar Cyclone-12 50-Litre Air Cooler (White)
50 liters45 FeetCheck Price

The cooler motor price in India is always cheap.

The Khaitan cooler motor price is very low when compared to others, but the design of Khaitan air coolers are somewhat behind the other air coolers.

Also, you cannot directly buy them on major online sites. They also lack in support. So, I did not add them to the list.

At the same time, the Crompton cooler motor price is low and support is also good. The air coolers I listed here are multi-purpose air coolers.

If you need a personal air cooler at very low cost, then go for Crompton Greaves acgc-pac07 personal air cooler.

The Crompton mystique Dlx air cooler also can be used for both single and multiple persons usage.

But the Crompton Greaves mystique Dlx air cooler review is not good enough to suggest the cooler for you.

You can better spend some extra bucks to get the more featured best air cooler from the above list.